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Image Cropper

The image crop tool allows you to select a portion of an image to keep, and discard the rest. This is especially useful for removing unwanted elements from pictures, such as extra space around the edge of the frame.

When you "crop" an image, you are cutting out a portion of the image. For example, if you have a picture of a person and you only want to keep the head and shoulders, you would "crop" the picture so that the bottom part of the person's body is cut off.

When you "crop" an image, you are cutting out a section of the image. This is usually done by defining a rectangle in pixels. For example, if you want to crop an image of a person down to just their face, you would use the pixel tool to draw a rectangle around their face.

When you "crop" an image, you are taking a section of the image and cutting it out. For example, if you had a picture of a dog, and you wanted to cut out just the head of the dog, you would "crop" the image. To "crop" an image, you define a rectangle in pixels. This means that you tell the computer how many pixels (tiny dots) wide and how many pixels tall you want the cropped image to be.

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